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Mother Is That You

What is that pure,
Beauty, Flying, Soaring, Soaring in the sky?
Isn't it beautiful with all those colored cascades of lights.
Look at the wing span so big and so pretty.
A, guardian angel looking down pointing at us, - her family.
Filling our heart and soul with so much love,
Guarding and loving us from up above

I'm sure, |Yes I'm sure
It is my beautiful, loving Mother, looking down
Upon us from above, filling our heart and soul
With all her love. 

Just like she always had when she was here,
So, loving and kind and so pure.
An Angel she was, right here on Earth
Now, the most beautiful angel  in Heaven, I am sure.
Mama, Happy Mother's Day, I Love You
With all my heart

Author: a.k.a Betty
all rights reserved.
Used with author's permission
2nd May, 2003