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I Am At Peace...

I am the wind that blows through your hair.
I am the sunshine that warms your face.
I am what glistens upon the new falling snow.
I am the gentle rain that falls in the spring.
I am the bright, shining star,
that can be seen in the heavenly sky
at night.

I am the birds that sing so sweetly
every morning you awake.
I am your laughter, your joy, your smile
as you remember me throughout your
My spirit is free, as it takes flight.
I will be but a whisper away,
to always comfort you.

I will remain your friend in all that you do.
Weep not for me,
I no longer suffer or cry
I am now happy and content.
I am in God's kingdom.
I am at peace. 

© Nancy 2-03-04
Used with permission


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