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--- In  Memory of--- 
       "Grandparents In Heaven Now!" 

Grandpa, tell me about your Granddad;
Did he fish with you as a lad?
Did he tell you about the three little pigs?
Did he have a big camping rig?

My Dad's Mother died when he was thirteen,
Mother's Father died when she was seventeen.
I saw Dad's Father when I was only three,
I don't remember sitting on his knees.

Grandpa Worthington was a Civil War spy,
Got caught, prisoned and was about to die.
He told the Yankees he wouldn't fight again,
He walked 200 miles back to his kin.

Before he left, he set free his few slaves.
They stayed on, and now the farm has their graves.
His first wife died; married again at fifty-five.
Lucy, at 23, his spirits did revive.

Grandmother Lucy Worthington was very swell,
She let me draw water from the dug well.
I watch'd them barn tobacco when I was ten,
Ground corn and gathered eggs from the hens.

After the noon meal, we napped on the floor,
Grandmother (in bed) slept an hour or more.
Shucking corn and feeding the mules
Was more fun that obeying Grandma's rules.

Grandpa Otay Henderson was a well driller,
A dairyman, lumber-jack and soil tiller.
His love for work he passed to his kids,
And now it's in the whole family grid. 

Dad spoke very little about his Mother,
She was busy caring for his four brothers.
She died trying to bring twin boys to life,
Those ole folks had troubles and strife.

I thank God that I am a Grandfather now;
Unlike Dad, I have no pigs and cows.
"Dear God, keep my Grandkids in Your Way; 
May all my clan meet in Heaven someday!"

   Author  James Herbert Henderson
          September 4, 2003

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