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Flying Without Wings 

I remember hearing this story when I was just a little girl.  They said a man would tell this story to all the children who would listen.  You see, it was a dream he had, that felt so real to him when he was only a young man. 

It started out about a man that wanted more then anything to sing for the Lord and the world. 

One day, the man was blessed with a voice that was so powerful and  strong and yet his, words came out wonderful, he had the most beautiful  voice, you could ever imagine. Strong, powerful 
and beautiful.  Like, none you have heard before.

The story goes, like this.  The man began to pray.  He heard a voice that said "Your prayers my child have been answered. You have prayed and prayed for a chance to sing and be heard, you will be heard, by the world and blessed with a voice like no 

The man was so happy, he never felt as happy and blessed as 
he did at this minute.  He took off running to an open field.  He dropped down on his knees and started praising and thanking 
the Lord.

He jumped to his feet and just knew with all the happiness in his heart that he felt he would be able to fly. 

At that minute his friend came along and asked him, "What he 
was doing". 
He, said, "I'm going to fly. I know I can fly without wings".
The boy shook his head and said, " You have no wings you can't fly.  You'll never leave the ground".

"I'll tell you, I will fly!  You'll see!  I'm  going to visit the Lord so I can sing to him and the world.  You will see. Yes, I will be flying, soaring, flying so high, without wings".

The man shouted and prayed to the Lord. " Lord, you have really been good to me.  I feel you Lord so much in me.  I am your temple where you live inside my soul and heart.  Lord, I love you so very much.  Lord, I'm so happy like I never felt before. I feel 
like I can fly Lord.  Fly to you without wings.  Help me Lord, hear me sing".

He heard this voice come from up above.
"The voice said close your eyes, don't open them till I tell you 
to. You my child will fly to me. You, will be flying without wings....."
I closed my eyes like he said. All of a sudden I was spinning, twirling, and swirling up to the sky.

I'm flying, flying .  I'm so happy.  I feel so free.  The Lord once again has blessed me.  I feel myself flying to the clouds holding 
my arms straight out feeling Gods, beautiful wind upon my face. 
Im soaring, flying up through the clouds to a higher place.

I listen.  I hear this voice so strong.  I hear the  beautiful song. 
It sounds so loud and so beautiful. Then I realize it is me. I'm singing to the Lord and praising him.  The Lord surely blessed 
me.  The whole world is listening, listening to me sing.

Then I hear this voice It says to me,  " It's time to go back 
child.  Thank you, for your song.  I have blessed you with the beautiful voice  you have prayed so hard for".

"Remember to sing some hymns to me.  Don't open your eyes till 
I tell you to.  Go child, fly back down as I watch you from here".

Flying without wings.  Yes, I'm flying without wings.  I was approaching the field that I was at before, I could feel it near.

I waited and I heard this voice, as I was being shaken by my friend. 
The voice said, " Open your eyes now child". 
My, friend was shaking me and shaking me saying, " Wake up, wake up you been sleeping here for hours".

I opened my eyes with the biggest grin on my face, as I truly 
knew how much I am blessed. 
"I'm so happy.  Lord, thank you!"
Yes, I've been flying, flying without wings, in my dream. 
What a beautiful dream.
I was flying,  yes, flying without wings..

~ XxSuNkiSsx  a.k.a. Betty ~
All rights reserved ~ May 30, 2003
This story was written for this page, so please
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 Music "Flying Without Wings" is for entertainment
purposes only Sung by Ruben Studdard, American
Pop Idol 2003.