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Drops of blood, were mixed with tears,
but He was strong, and showed no fear.
For He trusted...the Father above.
That His will, was mixed with love.

I'm sure He felt alone up there.
When all the people did was stare.
The mocking and the hateful words...
Was all the comfort that He heard.
Drops of blood were mixed with tears.

View the cross, and see His pain.
Let the image of Him remain...
Branded in your mind...forever.
His sacrifice, so freely given.

He paid the debt, for all our sins.
And suffered hell, so we could win...
The victory over Satan and death.
An inheritance of eternal rest.
Drops of blood were mixed with tears.

So now, let's follow His command.
And spread the news to every land.
That Jesus suffered; He died and rose...
So we could live with Him, eternally.

No longer, must we live with guilt.
For with the Cross, our Savior built....
A toll free bridge to God above.
To show us of His wondrous love.
Drops of blood were mixed with tears.

Author: Valerie Bauer Rousseau