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Artwork of Paula Vaughan


A Thief In The House

A horrible thing happened to me today..... 
a thief broke into my house. 

It happened shortly after I awoke this morning. 
I got up and began rushing about.  I had a 
thousand things on my list and was already 
running behind. 

Quickly, I gulped down breakfast, took a shower 
and got ready for work. 

In my rush, I forgot to turn the security 
system on at my house.  It was just about a 
half an hour later that the thief broke in. 
Of course, he didn't make a sound. Just kind 
of snuck inside, not drawing any attention 
to himself.  In fact, none of the neighbors 
ever saw him. 

But, I did. 

You see, I WAS HOME when the thief broke in. 
He naturally startled me, as I was unprepared 
for his visit. He, of course, didn't announce 
that he was coming and I certainly had not 
invited him over. 

And yet, I found myself face to face with 
danger and I felt so powerless.  I also felt 
so very stupid, because this whole incident 
could have been avoided if I had just taken 
the time to turn the security system on. 

You better believe I'll be turning it on 
tomorrow morning! 

I thought I'd warn you about this guy, 
because he's still on the loose.  Chances 
are, he's in your area.  Possibly even 
headed for your house. 

His name?  His name is Satan.  You see, 
this morning when I jumped up in my haste 
to get started on my busy day,  I skipped 
my prayer time - opting to "pray later 
today."  In other words, I DIDN'T TURN ON 

My defense wasn't on, my guard was dropped... 
..and when the thief came into my home to 
attack me, I was unprepared to do battle. 
He tempted me and I felt powerless.  Like 
I said, I also felt so very stupid, because 
I could have avoided the incident if I had 
just taken the time to pray. 

My friend, the thief has come to "steal, 
kill and destroy."  And, as a Child of God, 
you are on his "hit list."  He'll probably 
pop over to your house today.  He may be 
lurking outside your door right now, just 
waiting to catch you off guard. 

Take time to pray this morning.  Bind Satan 
from your very presence, to protect you and 
empower you to do battle.  In short... 
...don't forget to turn your security system on. 

Author Unknown.







Dreamwork Designs

Paula Vaughan

© Graphics by Dreamwork Designs - 2003